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Transient Docks

Right in the heart of the harbor, Wilson Boatyard Marina is an ideal option for all your docing needs. We offer two docking solutions to cover a variety of your needs 1) Transient Docking and 2) Seasonal Docking. Feel free to take the time to consider your options. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Both forms below are free to submit and your card will never be charged until a staff member has called to confirm your requests.

Transient Docks

Are you visiting our beautiful lakeside community and you need a place to dock your boat? Check our availability using the link below. One of our staff members will call you about your request.

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Seasonal Docks

If you are repeating customer who is looking to have you boat in the water for the entire season. Please click on the following link and complete the Dock Rental Contract. One of our staff members will call you regarding pricing.

Dock Rental Contract